5 Fabulous Bohemian Bathroom Decoration Ideas for You to Try

Gorgeous Bohemian Bathroom

Who says bathroom interiors cannot be explored? The bathroom can be made fashionable and beautiful in bohemian style, but while still maintaining a neat and clean minimalist character. Interested in trying it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to hunt boho trinkets abroad. The Bohemian style originally emerged from the Bohemians in Central Europe. In the concept of interior design, Bohemian relies on spontaneity and makes use of whatever is available. Today the Bohemian style is sticky with unique patterns and bright colors. Bohemian style narrow bathroom design might be very suitable for you who are creative and free-spirited.

Bohemian style often collaborates on objects or furniture that tend to be cheap. This style also often uses everyday items as one of the home decorations, such as used jars, used cardboard boxes, bottle caps, paper crafts, and other items that are collected and shaped to create an aesthetic value that looks chic and beautiful.

Textile materials are the most important element of bohemian design. Usually applied to pillows, carpets, curtains, and other upholstery. Patterns, colors, and textures must be as important. Fabric must look contrasted and harmony is not required. Usually, bohemian style fabrics are very colorful and patterned. Stacks of several fabrics with various textures are often seen in all spaces in bohemian interiors.

Likewise with natural light which is another important factor of this style. Make a large window so that natural light can enter the maximum. The bohemian style is very free-spirited and quite wild so it is important to integrate the outdoor atmosphere into the house. Colored glass can also be a beautiful element during the day or night. Colorful lights, lanterns with ethnic motifs, and chandeliers are the types most often used in bohemian styles.

Here are a few examples of bohemian style interior bathroom decor.

Fabulous Bohemian Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Bohemian Apartment Bathroom

Bohemian Apartment Bathroom – Source: forum.ivd.ru

Bright Bohemian Bathroom

Bright Bohemian Bathroom – Source: relaxmarmaris.com

Hippie Bathroom Decor

Hippie Bathroom Decor – Source: goodgriefblog.com

Rustic Bohemian Bathroom

Rustic Bohemian Bathroom – Source: domino.com

Bathroom Boho Beach

Bathroom Boho Beach – Source: pinterest.it


Those are some bohemian bathroom design ideas that you can make an interesting inspiration to make your bath atmosphere comfortable. If you want another design idea about the bathroom, you can click here.

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