9 Magnificent Minimalist Zen Japanese Interior Ideas To Beautify Your Home

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Are you interested in applying minimalist zen Japanese interior? Maybe you don’t know about this, Zen philosophy in Japan is not only limited to individuals but also extends to the interior world. And for example, the Japanese minimalist home interior that I recommend. This design principle emphasizes the impression of being simple and having a calm impression. So simplicity and peace are the hallmarks of the design of this house. After all, of course, you also have a goal to make the house look comfortable and attractive, therefore you need something that is rarely applied by others to apply to your home to be better and more comfortable.

By applying the minimalist zen Japanese interior, no doubt your home will be quiet and comfortable of course. Then family and guests who visit will certainly enjoy their time in your home. So no wonder, if this concept is successful and its influence reaches all over the world. And did you know that Japanese home design is one style of the home design that represents a minimalist appearance? This concept does look unique and character. This design concept has a distinctive appearance on the consistent use of material. Not only that, this concept also has very simple forms. Therefore, many people like this concept. Well, I will give you some ideas about this concept.

Below Are 9 Minimalistic Japanese Zen Interior Ideas That Are Magnificent To Beautify Your Home

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The interior applied to the living room above does have a simple design and seems to have a peaceful impression. Maybe your guests will definitely feel comfortable with this concept. Moreover, there are indoor plants that decorate the room and make the room cooler.

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The right choice to bring a warm impression is to apply wood elements to the interior of your home. For example in the picture above applies a floor with wooden elements. Not only the floor that uses wood elements, but some furniture also uses wood elements.

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You can see that the room has a large size and looks comfortable to occupy. In addition, the room applies a white color, so the house looks neat and clean with that color. Not only that, this color also makes the room brighter as you can see in the picture above.

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jcd cultural immersion survey meetings events japan room

In the picture above it does have a simple appearance but if you apply it to the house it will be comfortable. What’s more, the chair that is used is a chair that is generally used, only it doesn’t have chair legs. So you can sit as usual.

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Minimalist Decor

For the room in the picture above it looks minimalist. Then, the combination and decoration used to beautify the room really fits. For example indoor plants that are on the table. If you look carefully it looks like a cherry tree that decorates the room.

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If you look carefully, the room in the picture above looks like highlighting the color brown. And as you know, this color is often used because it has a warm impression. Jam, this color can also cause the impression of calm and friendly.

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Many people want to make the room feel cooler and give a relaxed impression, and it all lies in the design concept of the room above. Lots of vegetation around the room, moreover the room has a sliding door that can make the room fresher.

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room img kamishima large

The small size of the house, of course, you must minimize the furniture you have so that it does not take up much space, for example, the same as the picture above. Despite having a small house size, the layout of the existing furniture makes the house more spacious. What’s more, the interior used in the house above looks soft and comfortable to live in.

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Shoei House in Japan by Hearth Architects Yellowtrace 04 1

You can see for yourself that, this room is a dining room. And the interior that is applied is brown, with you applying these colors and combined in the dining room you can certainly increase your appetite.

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There are still many ideas that we will share with you, so keep visiting the areal wolf so you don’t miss the other brilliant articles and ideas. Thank you for reading, I hope this is useful. And have a nice day.

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