8 Awesome Glass Houses Exterior Ideas That Are Gaining Popular

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The exterior of the glass houses always presents a spectacular feel and makes the house look amazing, right? We say this is not without reason, because the existence of a large window makes it easy for sunlight to enter every room in the house and makes the inside of the house appear brighter than usual. However, there are some people who are hesitant to apply this exterior design. The reason is that they worry that people outside the home can freely see their activities inside the house.

If you have thoughts like that, you don’t need to worry. Because, this is actually just easy to overcome by installing blinds, curtains, and frosted glass. In addition, the exterior of the glass houses is cool and comfortable home design. In addition, the design of this house will also help its residents to enjoy the natural atmosphere or around the house more optimally. Each house design has a different exterior character.

Below Are 8 Awesome Glass Houses Exterior Ideas That Are Gaining Popular

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Glass facades can also make buildings that use wood elements, so they look more elegant and classy. To realize the desire to live in harmony with nature, developers design homes made of glass and wood elements. In addition, the architecture of the house in the picture above uses a modern style.

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Striking glass glare on the upper floor reinforces the transparent impression of the house. If you want more privacy, using curtains can be a good choice. Instead of looking annoying, the right curtain can actually make the facade look more stylish.

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glass facade architecture

If seen from the outside, the exterior design of the house above is very beautiful. With a large glass facade, the interior appearance of the house is visible and makes it even more beautiful. In addition, this house has a ceiling that serves as the air into the building. Thus the temperature inside and outside the building is balanced.

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For the exterior design this time there is a cover that keeps your privacy intact. However, as you know, not all the exteriors are covered and the esketrior of this house is almost the same as the previous picture, only this exterior design does not have an open ceiling.

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glass house

The exterior of the glass facade combined with black looks more elegant. Besides looking elegant, the black color on the exterior of the house above creates a quite unique atmosphere of the space. He can look interesting also visually.

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A glass exterior and combined with modern style then gave birth to a nice and beautiful combination in the house like the picture above. In addition, on the exterior of this house there are several areas that use wood elements that make a warm impression on the house.

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The presence of glass facades in the house which will certainly maximize your view on the outside view of your home. And what if combined with a stone-element exterior? As you know, the impression of a stone in a house will look natural and look more beautiful.

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house with glass

Many exteriors that use wood elements in some parts, like in the picture above. The size of the house this time seemed wider than the previous picture and at the same time, the glass facade that was used also gave a transparent and open atmosphere to the building.

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