Fantastic Small Modern Home Exterior Ideas (7 Best Pictures)


If you need a small but comfortable home exterior to live in, we will provide some ideas for you, namely small modern home exterior ideas. A size will not be a problem in a dwelling, because even though its size is small it will definitely bring a comfortable atmosphere. So make no mistake, comfort will be measured by the size of the house. In addition, the home exterior is one of the most important things. Because this section is the first impression that guests or other people will see about yourself and your residence.

As we said before, the exterior of the house is the appearance of the outside of the house that needs more attention. So you have to give a very good impression by visiting guests. There are many ways to beautify the exterior of your home. For example, you can change the color of your exterior house with a more modern or brighter color. Many people believe that symbolizes happiness and a symbol of luck for residents of the house.

Below Are Fantastic Small Modern Home Exterior Ideas (7 Best Pictures)


Want to apply a different architecture to the house. You can apply the house design as shown above. In addition, you can also apply glass to your exterior. If you want more privacy, you can use curtains to maintain your privacy.

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You can also apply brown on your exterior. Surely it will look good and look made of wood. So it will give a warm impression on the outside appearance of the house. In addition, the presence of a garage is really needed to secure your vehicle.

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Modern home architecture is indeed very unique. Like consisting of several boxes arranged into a house. For example in the picture above, it looks comfortable even though it has a small size.

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house design

For the design of the house this time is different than before, this house managed to look different by using concrete elements as its main accent. Concrete that extends from the middle of the building down to the top does indeed seem like a fortress, but thanks to the planting of window elements and adequate lighting

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Because of the narrow land area, then this house was designed really fit in accordance with the available space. Although narrow, but this house managed to present its beauty, thanks to the mini garden element on the side of the house.

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exterior ideas

A very unique architecture, many people who want something different and unique. For example in the picture above, it has a unique architecture.

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exterior design

Modern exterior is indeed a lot of people who implement this. So applying a large window on the house has become commonplace. Seemed to want to display the interior design of the house.

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