7 Stunning Rustic Bathroom Storage Ideas You Have To Copy

bathroom storage ideas

Storage is the most important part that must be in the house, moreover, you also have to prepare a storage area in the bathroom. Because the bathroom has a lot of equipment and must be stored so as not to look messy. However, rustic bathroom storage doesn’t care about the size of the bathroom you have. During this storage, you can use and the layout of the storage is correct and does not take up much space. Everyone will want a neat bathroom and not cluttered because of the many toiletries that are stored carelessly.

So you have to make sure to provide storage for bathroom needs. Jam, you can use the rural bathroom storage as a bathroom decoration as well. As you know, this storage uses a rustic design. Where is the rustic design-style atmosphere in the countryside. In addition, the presence of this storage will definitely be storage that makes the bathroom beautiful and neat, and efficient. If there is no storage, it will be difficult to find items in their place.

Below Are 7 Stunning Rustic Bathroom Storage Ideas You Have To Copy

bathroom storage design

The storage above includes a rack. And you can use it if you have a small bathroom. So it does not take much space for sure to implement it. So if you are interested, you can implement it.

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bathroom storage ideas

This storage has 3 storage rooms. But you can also use the top of this storage rack like the picture above that puts ornamental plants to make the room feel cooler.

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bathroom storage

For storage in the picture above has a cabinet-like design. Yes indeed the cabinet, if you are interested in the design shown in the above storage. You can copy it. Don’t forget to set the layout of this storage so it doesn’t take up much space.

image source

storage design ideas

This storage has the same design as before, but the impression carried by the above storage looks natural because the basic material used by this storage is wood

image source

storage design

The storage in the image above has a small size. But you can apply it to your bathroom, so your bathroom looks spacious. So the storage above is suitable for use in small bathrooms.

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storage ideas

If you want to bring a new atmosphere to the bathroom cabinet, you can apply the same storage design as above. Where the above storage uses blue paint that makes the bathroom quiet and comfortable for activities.

image source

storage inspiration

Now for this one storage rack, you can also apply. Especially if you like the warm impression of a room. So if you are interested in the above storage, you can apply it.

image source


It isn’t much you can put on the shelf above. Maybe you can put a tissue or towel in storage as the picture above. And the presence of plants in the room in the picture above makes a beautiful impression on the storage.

image source

We hope that the storage we recommend to you will make your bathroom more beautiful and beautiful. And thank you for reading this article. And we hope this is useful for you. Have a nice day.

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